August 20, 2010

Posted on August 20, 2010 at 19:45 PM

Another Year, Another Class of The IBEW’s Finest

When the president and the organizer of our local walked into our classroom near the end of the last year of our apprenticeship and handed each of us a tramp guide and talked to us about rules of the road we were a bit nervous and somewhat excited — both for the same reason: the idea that we were about to be on our own as Journeymen Wiremen

We worked Intel, Atmel, Comanche 3, Penrose-St. Francis Hospital and a long list of other places. Over the past four years, we all worked together and learned a great deal of information. Our instructors taught us everything, from the basics of tools and safety to the complex anatomy of pipe bending, motor controls and AC and DC theory. The Journeymen we worked with also taught us a lot. The good ones taught us how we should do things. They taught us why we need to take pride in our work. The bad ones showed us, unbeknownst to them, what not to do. Even our fellow apprentices taught us a lot.

We were part of a new school. The NJATC, IBEW and NECA are pushing for stronger, better, faster, smarter workers, which is understandable because it is a cut throat market out there. Producing a mediocre Journeyman isn’t just detrimental to IBEW Local 113 but also to the entire IBEW. It’s not an option. So those who could pass the bar were able stick out the entire program, while those who could not were also sorted out and fell by the wayside. The curriculum we learned was composed of the same core values of the IBEW but was presented in a different light. The material was enhanced and delivered in a new medium. Journeyman after Journeyman explained how glad they were that we had this much information provided to us in our apprenticeship. Some even showed a small degree of envy. In fact, everyone was pushing for us to learn more in order for us to become more. Time after time, we were encouraged to step up to the plate and learn the various responsibilities of those who run the work — from the foreman’s to the project manager’s, with the understanding that we would be the ones to fill those positions in time. As members of IBEW Local 113 (and their Apprenticeship Program) we understood that more was expected from us — that we were to be the good and shining example for the future…

Our Local Union meetings, the school outside of our school, was another place where we learned. We learned compassion by passing the hat whenever a Brother or Sister, or their family, had fallen on hard times. We learned generosity, by voting on donating funds to the various organizations in our city. We learned the true meaning of democracy, by voting in our local meetings. We learned why it’s important to be part of the solution, by getting involved in politics — from the local to the national level. We learned a great deal.

With all that we have learned, we will deliver both quality and quantity because we are part of an organization that stands up for what’s right. We are part of a family that believes in doing good. We are united Brothers and Sisters, and we will fulfill and hold firm to the oath that we took when we were sworn in because we work for the best contractors and we are part of the greatest Local in the IBEW. We are now journeymen of Local Union 113.

*With special thanks to guest writer, Brother Jerry Swenson, and congratulations to him and all his classmates…


Colorado Springs Electrical JATC 2010 Classes…

*BPI Class – Oct. 11, 22 – National certification to validate skills to conduct home energy audits

*Leed – Green Associate Exam Prep Class – Sept. 30 @ 8:00 a.m.

*Sign up now for upcoming classes on Instrumentation. (This training will be held in Denver, Saturdays, beginning Sept. 11 through Oct. 30.)

*Photovoltaic System Installation – Nov. 29 through Dec. 13, from 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

*Building Automation – Sept. 11 through Oct. 2, from 8:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. (This training will also take place in Denver.)

*CPR/AED/First Aid – Sept. 11 @ 8:00 a.m.

**Please call the JATC @ (719)632-1920, for more information or to register.

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