IBEW 113
Brotherhood Fund

A little history about Local 113’s Brotherhood Fund

In 1961, a group of Local Union 113’s members started working towards some type of Insurance to protect our brothers’ and sisters’ beneficiaries at their time of need; something that would give them immediate cash (unless there is unusual circumstances, it is within forty eight (48) hours.) As in most cases, the bank account and any other insurance takes weeks to settle; therefore, after many weeks of hard work and many errors, the International Office was presented with our version of a plan. In late October 1962, a corrected plan was approved and the Brotherhood Fund was born. This was to be a voluntary fund, with each person wishing to join paying $5.25. Then as our Local and our needs grew, it became necessary to change our by-laws to establish a second fund and to collect $10.50 to join. A member’s beneficiary would receive $5.00 times the number of members; at the time of this letter $1,680.00 for the fund. A charter member has paid in $756.00 over the last 38 years, or $19.38 per year. We have had 130 deaths and have over 2 funds in reserve.

On July 16, 1997 the Brotherhood Fund members voted to increase the contribution rate to $10.50 when a member passes away and $21.00 to join. A member’s beneficiary would receive $10.00 times the number of members. In March 2012 the Brotherhood fund was raised to $11.00 per fund, and $22.00 to join, to cover the administrative costs of the fund. The Beneficiary will still recieve $10.00 per member at the time of death.

But aside from being inexpensive insurance, just helping one another in times of need is what the Brotherhood Fund is all about.

The Brotherhood Fund is open to all brother and sister members in good standing of Local 113, IBEW. At present we have 415 members. Our Local has about 1100 members and everyone should belong to the Brotherhood Fund. It would be nice to deliver a $11,000.00 check to the beneficiary instead of $4.150.00.

The Brotherhood Fund members wish to extend to you a warm welcome and invitation to join our Brotherhood Fund Click here, print application and send to the local union office with payment