IBEW 113

Safety Committee Goal:
The ultimate purpose of the 113 Safety Committee is to help reduce the risk of workplace injuries and illnesses and ensure compliance with federal and state health and safety regulations. One of the most obvious and easiest ways to reduce work place injury’s is to become more safety conscious. 113 Safety committee is committed to taking the proper steps to create a more safety conscious work environment for the benefit of members and contractors alike.

Purpose of safety reports:

  • Gather and document all information related to safety incidents. Utilize all gathered data to map out where and how to focus efforts to prevent future injuries before they occur.
  • Dissect injuries that have occurred to better understand how to prevent reoccurrence.
  • Acknowledge present unsafe conditions, and make changes before an injury can take place.

Any report filled out and submitted will be emailed directly to the current members of the Safety Committee. Only members of the Safety Committee will have visibility of any reports that are submitted with contact information. Any near miss reports may be shared with contractors for purposes of safety networking. No negative actions can or will be taken against any individual that fills out a report. Thank you for your contribution and time to make a safe work environment for our members and contractors alike.

Safety Report

    Type of Report:
    InjurySafety ConcernNear Hit

    Report from:

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